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Hints & Tips Lachlan Tighe's Coaching Column Lachlan Tighe's Coaching Column

Welcome to the April 2014 edition titled ‘...five years on,' provided by internationally renowned coach, Lachlan Tighe. Find out more about Lachlan and his coaching achievements here.

In April 2009, Mark & Alastair Hensell invited me to commence writing coaching columns as the Henselite coaching consultant.

Five years on, I share with you my reflection on our sport of bowls within Victoria specifically, as I have observed it.

• Commencement of ‘Coaching Coaches’ programs
• Improved selection and coaching process in some Regional sides
• Investment in bowls via the CDO appointments
• AO as a profile national event
• Bowls websites helping to communicate to us in contemporary society
• Modern coloured clothing, and bowls too
• Younger talented athletic looking bowlers

• The majority of lawn bowlers have not had the experience of state/elite representation in another sport; therefore they are unlikely to exercise practical application in training. In other words – most people’s idea of training is playing games.
• Parochialism and politics hindering program success – in other sports, when selecting ‘teams’ consideration is given to skill and talent; not personalities.
• Leadership & management positions at region/ state level retained by older folk (who are often averse to change)
• Lack of imagination in the management of the sport
• Inability of club management to use their green asset resource all year round
• Unwillingness of the sport to accept the concept of coaching
• An absence of coaches for representative Regional sides, or premier league sides
• Decline in the numbers of accredited coaches
• Stagnation of premier league as a viable competitive arena or as a profile marketing resource
• Unwillingness of association management to fully uses Darebin as the premiere venue
• Demise of the tournament circuit in Melbourne
• Clubs remaining outdated in look and operation styles
• Bowls as a pastime not as a fully fledged sport
• Pitiful efforts to woo younger modern women resulting in a decline in female numbers – a symptom of a lack of the way women are generally viewed in sport
• Social media attracting and encouraging mindless scathing critics

This past season 2013/14, as a club and a regional coach, enabled me to have first hand exposure to the sport and thus experience all of the above comments.

Note: my bowls book ‘Winning becomes you’ is now available from Henselite and other bowls shops.

Lachlan Tighe, April 2014


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