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Hints & Tips Lachlan Tighe's Coaching Column Lachlan Tighe's Coaching Column

Access six years of monthly coaching columns provided by World renowned coach, Lachlan Tighe via the links below.

May 2015 was Lachlan's last column, we wish him all the best in retirement!

A Complete Training Session for a Bowls Club at Premier League Level

(Note: mat placement for the diagrams is assumed at the bottom of the page/screen)
TOPIC providing players with enhanced bowls skills,
WARM UP always having 4 bowls for training

Deliveries into nearest ditch - Mat set 4m from ditch and deliver back into the ditch –technical consistency, discipline to sat down till bowl ends in the ditch
Caterpillar Warm up - 2 ends of bowls to gauge consistency for deliveries per end

Push placed bowl –deliver weighted push into bowl to end metre further up green, 2 attempts from same end as purpose to show skill & discipline weight;
Leapfrog- start from the minimum line and draw to the ditch and move the mat back a mat length (ML) at a time, 7-8 minutes today as an introduction;
Weighted options (5) with mat on furtherest 2m.mark with head set 4m from the ditch- total 20 deliveries, work in pairs
Draw shot / metre through/ 2m through / 4m through/ drive

Knowledge about bowls

You’re standard set up posture –
height of hand, body posture & pre delivery routine
what wins, know why you won, being unaware of why you won is deficient skill
9% activity on the green is the total activity of bowling, rest all in your mind
game plans- at least have one = target, direction, focus, motivation
option # – what would YOU do either F/H B/H if yellow or black goes first
ask for a call(s) then play it out as a fours team (i.e.do a few of the calls)

Situation- final end pennant scored level overall.
Attitude of prospective premier league players
what will YOU specifically do to improve from 2014
what behaviours have to change
   situation awareness (SA), share the responsibility
  from spectator to SA contributor, team member
  Respect, and accept, for your selected position
  Discord: tactical decisions create opinions, cause division
  Ability to judge distance better from the mat


Division one leads & seconds – 28-36% within ML (i.e.12- 15 deliveries)
ML the zone of excellence as only a revolution from perfection
Draw or drive 7/10 in training to be regarded an elite bowler
12.5% changing hands success rate,

Measurement of performance, both front end team and both player(s)
PRACTICAL, 2 per rink
Draw bowling within ML of the jack
Add a metre behind the head/ jack
Play a metre over / thru the ehad
4 bowls delivered 2to be ML of jack, one to be behind
jack throwing 80% within metre of desired spot

option # Tactical–using front end players in either situation

Head: black holds 2 shots, and in diagram on right short bowl is metre from head
either diagram 2 attempts to draw into head, two attempts to be a m. behind head
diagram play first as yellow; now attempt if you play first as black
(calls might be for either hand - draw; push bowls; drive; block entry shot; cover)

Measurement of performance, both team and player(s)
  front end 14/21 ends with 2 bowls in head
  front end 20/21 ends to have a back bowl
  each team member to contribute a minimum 12/21 ends
  40% effective deliveries in pennant, 17/42;

alternate hand every delivery 2 ends
head simulation – barrier of bowls requiring wide draw or weight into head
skip calls- stopwatch workshop
‘hide it’ behind 2 shot bowls of ours, rather than trail it head set up

Final end in pennant - tactics training
Assume the team scoreboard is equal and the winner on this rink can win the game and the pennant match for the club. Those 3 bowls are all an inch from the jack. So the second for both teams is about to deliver.
Let’s assume you are the front (yellow) bowls
1 do 4 draw bowls to the shot bowl
2 draw 4 bowls all a metre directly behind the head
3 now with first bowl disturb the head with weight not to exceed 2m.thru the head
4 if you miss try with second delivery, or third, or fourth
5 however if bowl (1 or 2) in point 4 is successful, head is disturbed and now your other bowls are to be drawing for a resting toucher, staying on the same RH backhand.
The practice session is for a RH backhand

Final end in pennant- game simulation of that head above

Knowledge about bowls

measured performances of lead/2nd is >40% in premier league
lengths- range differences -/10: min 2.8, med 1.3, max 3
premier league front end 16/21 ends with 2 in head won
premier league wins majority 11/21 ends
premier league won when had control of minimum/ maximum length
estimate distances- ML at minimum, metre at maximum
perception = reality, assume a confident demeanour
debriefs- review, future preview, future training
Division one teams history remaining in premier -
Know 2014 finalists records & relegated clubs records

Game simulation Training- set up a number of heads on separate rinks for players
Winners & losers
with 2-3 players competing on each rink for one end and the winner moves over to the next rink, loser(s) stay and reset the head to compete against their new ‘winner’.

Tactical skill
Deliveries 4-6 vital usage if called sensibly by the skip
Back bowl early, by the time 4 deliveries are complete
Bowls in the head, preferably 2 of 4
Take opportunity NOW
Play what opposition intends to do
SA on bowls, heads, temperament of our team and opponents

Communication skills.
Behavior – reinforce it, or, change it for the better
Vague call- around here versus precise call= play metre thru here
Spectator Verbals to avoid
Are we holding; we are 3 down; be up; you’re short, again;
Be positive; take grass
Jack throwing call to lead at long end- stand 3m from ditch
Non verbal signs/ behaviour to avoid
Sensory awareness – all four of us
Perception in eyes of other 31 players – lead first bowl heavy
TCUP = think carefully under pressure OR team (remain) calm under pressure

Lachlan Tighe Website www.lachlantighebowls.com
Lachlan Tighe email l.a.tighe@bigpond.com mob.0409 532 953


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