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About Bowls About Bowls

From an initial roll-up at the Melbourne Bowling Club in 1864 comprising the elite of society, Lawn Bowls flourished and in 1880 Associations were formed in NSW and Victoria.

The Game then underwent a transition from a game for gentlemen to a mass participatory sport. Competition and rules governing this activity occurred and over decades Lawn Bowls moved from wood or rubber construction to today’s composite bowl that is available in a range of biases and colours.

A Game that was once considered for those of senior years Bowls is now enjoyed by a vast expanse of age groups in either formalised competition play or an adhoc social format.

Today nearly half of the world’s bowlers are located in Australia and our sport enjoys significant exposure in both electronic and printed media.

Lawn Bowls is competitive yet positively enjoyable. A sport that has provided challenges and satisfaction to generations of both males and females.