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News General Frank Sets Out to Break World Record
March 5, 2014

This is Frank Peniguel. He's not your ordinary 70 year old bowler.

As he approached his 71st year, Frank decided that he was going to spend it doing something out of the ordinary and something he loved...travelling in his Kombi van round Australia and playing bowls. And while he was at it, he might as well get his name in the Guiness Book of World Records.

The World Record Frank is attempting to set is for the Most Lawn Bowls Clubs Played at by an Individual in 12 Months. He's the first person to receive Guiness World Record's approval to attempt this and he will have his name in print as the record holder if he plays at more than 50 clubs. By his 6th week on the road Frank had already shot past this number, bowling in 68 clubs.

His requirement is to play 10 ends at each club against any one of the clubs' members. He must also have an additional two witnesses present to sign that the game has taken place.

Frank's been aiming for three clubs a day but had a few set backs early on, such as the January heatwave where he lost a whole week to 40 degree days. But he soon found his rhythm and the Daylesford bowler hasn't looked back.

His journey has begun in Victoria and then he will head over to Tasmania before moving up the east coast in the winter months.

He also has an underlying purpose for his journey. He hopes to promote the sport of lawn bowls and to provide bowlers with an important message about halting the decline in participation numbers. "My quest along the way is to try and encourage those bowlers to have a commitment to replacing themselves." he told the Leader newspaper group. "If we can all replace ourselves, we won't have this incredible loss year after year."

At Henselite we were inspired by Frank's drive and determination and so we have provided him with some support for his journey including a brand new set of Australia's favourite bowl, the Dreamline XG.

Frank is keeping a blog of his journey at http://hittheroadjack.net.au/ and we hope to have Frank sending us some reports from his journey to publish on our website.

If he comes through your town, make sure you say g'day. He may just be looking for someone to have a game of bowls with.


Frank Sets Out to Break World Record