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News General Holt at Home as Henselite NSW State Sales Manager
May 4, 2010

It’s been somewhat of a homecoming for David Holt this week as the former Commonwealth Games Champion embarked on his latest challenge, taking up the role as NSW State Sales Manager for Henselite. When he started out on what was to become a celebrated international career, David’s first set of bowls were Henselites.

“In 25 years as a bowler there hasn’t been much time that I haven’t had a Henselite made bowl in my hand,” he said. “Pretty much all my major achievements were won with Henselite bowls. When the opportunity came up to work with a brand that has served me so well in the past, I jumped at the chance.”

Mark Hensell, Henselite’s Managing Director, welcomed David on board. “David has over 20 years of international bowls experience, playing at the most elite level of the sport throughout his distinguished career – indoor and outdoor, at World Bowls, the Commonwealth Games and now in one of the best domestic competitions in the world, the NSW Premier League.”

“David is a well-known and well-liked identity throughout NSW and around the world. He is personable, genuine and very passionate about the sport. These characteristics along with his bowling and professional experience will make him an asset to the Henselite team.”

David Holt began his celebrated international bowling career in England with a win in the English Singles and Pairs “way back in 1987 as a fresh faced 20 year old”, and then went on to win the 2002 Commonwealth Games Fours Gold Medal and the World Indoor Pairs. But shortly after that he had a conversation that would change his life.

“In 2002 I was asked by Cameron Curtis if I would be interested in coming to Australia to play in the NSW Premier League competition. Funnily enough I still remember my boss in the UK at the time telling me I would be spending the rest of my life emptying poker machines! I was here in Australia for one day and promptly told them to give my job back in the UK to somebody else and now consider myself the proudest and happiest Australian Citizen you could find.”

Since then he has immersed himself in the sport he loves, winning the NSW State Singles title in 2003, playing 8 years in the NSW Premier League, winning numerous open and invitational events and is currently the number 3 ranked singles player in Australia in 2010. He has spent his non-bowling hours working in the industry in a bowls club management role and also as trade sales representative.

David will be getting the opportunity to see a lot more of his adopted home state now, as his role at Henselite involves traveling around NSW, visiting bowls clubs, conducting demonstration days and helping bowlers get the right bowls for them and the conditions they play in. “We hope the bowlers of NSW will benefit from David’s experience, “ said Mark Hensell. “He will be able to not only help them choose the right bowl but help them make adjustments to their technique and improve their game.”

David went on to say, “I am very excited about getting out there to as many bowlers as possible to demonstrate the Henselite and Almark range fully,” he said. “I am confident that we have a bowl which will help improve their game no matter what level or position they might currently play.”

While the shape of the bowls industry has changed a lot in the last 25 years, and David has moved on from his trusty first set of Henselite bowls, he is excited to be embarking on a new role with the bowls brand he trusts. “Now that I’m a fully fledged Aussie supporting Australian made products is very important to me.” he said. “And I have always regarded Henselite as standing for quality and professionalism in everything they do.” 

Article as seen in Bowls NSW magazine, May 2010

Photos from top right:  Managing Director Mark Hensell welcomes David Holt to the company as NSW State Sales Manager. An internationally celebrated bowler, David Holt is never far from a bowling green.



Holt at Home as Henselite NSW State Sales Manager