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News Products Wildlife - Limited Edition to help Australian Wildlife
November 10, 2020

Back in January this year, when fires raged across the country destroying homes, towns and huge amounts of bushland, we decided at Henselite that we wanted to do something to help those most affected by the disaster.

We quickly set up a bowls fund where clubs who were running fundraising events could apply for product donations to raffle or as prizes, with the funds going to help those who had been left without homes and basic supplies.

But we were aware it wasn't just the people who were affected, we also saw so many Australian animals lose their lives and had their habitat devastated. At that time we made a plan to create a limited edition bowl especially to raise funds for wildlife rescue. 

But before we could release it, as we all know, the world changed. For several months we were unable to manufacture bowls and had to put this plan on hold. Until now.

As we approach the anniversary of those catastophic fires, we still believe that this is a cause worth supporting. We face an increasingly warmer future and, with it, an increasing need to protect our native animals and vulnerable species.

Henselite is a proud Australian company and so we're proud to introduce our latest limited edition Dreamline XG "Wildlife" and help protect our native fauna. $50 from each set sold will be split between WIRES and Wildlife Victoria.

The "Wildlife" Dreamline XG is white with yellow and lime speckle and made in size 0-4 Gripped. Each set is engraved with a native Australian animal. 

You can pick up your set at your local bowls shop and support our Aussie animals.


Wildlife - Limited Edition to help Australian Wildlife