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News Team Henselite Arleen Jeffery Joins Team Henselite
June 23, 2010

Since first picking up a bowl ten years ago, Merryland's Arleen Jeffery fell in love with the sport and hasn't looked back. This week she joined Team Henselite, returning to the brand she trusted when she first began what was eventually to become, a stellar bowling career.

"I first started because my husband bowled and I went along to see him roll up. I thought, 'this looks easy'! I said I'd love to try it so I had a go...barefoot...and I loved it. My husband joined me up and bought me some clothes and bowls which were Henselite Classic IIs and I started from there."

Arleen, who was born in the Phillipines and came to Australia in 1989, is thrilled to have represented her adopted country Australia in many international events, something she didn't even know was possible when she started bowling.

"At my first club I played with a couple of women who were representing Australia. I said to them, 'can you really play for the country at this sport?' I thought I would love to represent Australia at this game."

It turned out that Arleen's lovely nature and good humour was matched by her natural ability in the sport. Once she set her mind to it, she was able to rise through the ranks. "I entered club championships, then I represented NSW and then I represented Australia. I still represent the state now, I've been very lucky, " she said modestly.

What's left now, then, for Arleen as she embarks on a bowls future using her signature purple and white speckle ABT-evos?

"I've been lucky enough to achieve the goals I wanted to achieve in the sport. Now I really want to help other bowlers to reach their goals."


Arleen Jeffery Joins Team Henselite