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News Team Henselite Aron sherriff joins Team Henselite
March 20, 2019

World Champion Aron Sherriff, has jumped on board with many of his Australian Jackaroo teammates and joined Team Henselite.

Aron started bowling in 1996 with his father. "I used to watch him play and the club coach and my first mentor George Dawes asked if I wanted to have a go and the rest is history" he said.

Aron will be useing the Henselite Dreamline XG on grass greens and Henselite Tiger II on indoor and slower grass greens. "I chose to use the XG as many players in Australia have had great success with it!" he said.

Despite being Australian Open Singles Champion & winning multiple World Championship and Commonwealth Games medals, Aron is still searching for an elusive Commonwealth Games Gold. With the support of Henselite, we hope to bring this dream one step closer.



Aron sherriff joins Team Henselite