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News Team Henselite Carla Krizanic takes Australian Singles Silverware
November 10, 2018

Team Henselite's Carla Krizanic won the women’s coveted singles final at the 2018 Australian Championships held at Club Sapphire, A solid victory over Tasmania’s Lynn Triffet showed why Carla is one of the world's best bowlers..

Krizanic was in form from the get go, accounting for Northern Territories Shenayde Heldt 25-9.

She also overcame fellow Australian Jackaroo Kristina Krstic (WA) in the early rounds but didn't have it all her own way. 

The pair were going shot for shot until a lose end from Krstic opened the door for Krizanic to pick up four shots and move within striking distance of the 25 shots required to win the match.

In the final, Krizanic shot to an early lead but Lynn Triffett fought back in the middle stages of the match. In the end, however it was Krizanic who held her nerve and ran away with a 10 shot victory.


Carla Krizanic takes Australian Singles Silverware