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News Team Henselite Champ of Champs Makes it a Hat-trick for Riina
May 19, 2010

As the bowls season in South Australia draws to a close, there will be few more satisfied with their 2009/10 performance than Holdfast Bay's Riina Bradbrook. One of SA's most experienced campaigners, Riina took out the coveted Champion of Champion Singles title last Sunday. This victory ensured she would go down in the history books as the only person to win the State Singles, the Metro Singles and the Champion of Champions in a single season.

"I really enjoyed winning the Champion of Champions final because it gave me a hat-trick of singles titles and just capped of a brilliant season. Plus the fact that I survived a cliff-hanger in the semi-final!" she said, speaking of her Houdini-like comeback from 21-7 down. "In that game my first aim was just to get into double figures so the score didn't look so bad. But then I found my grass better, I found my weight better and I kept thinking I've got to keep going." 

"I'm very proud of being the first person to win all three titles. It shows you can still get better with age. I have had a lot of experience and I find you bring it to the fore when you need it most."

So what's next for Team Henselite's newest Champion? "I'll be having a break now for at least a month and then looking forward to next season. If anything comes up in the meantime though, I'll be there!"

Riina Bradbrook uses Henselite Dreamlines.

Photo courtesy of Bowls SA


Champ of Champs Makes it a Hat-trick for Riina