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News Team Henselite Foster and Marshall star in Team Henselite Gold Rush!
August 6, 2014

While the TV Broadcasters focus was mostly on the sports of swimming and athletics, those who have found a way to watch the lawn bowls being played at Glasgow's historic and picturesque Kelvingrove Bowling Club were treated with some scintillating play. Some high quality bowls was on offer over the fortnight with many matches going right down to the last end.

One of the highlights was the men's pairs semi final where traditional rivals England and Scotland battled it out. England looked to be on top until the final end where Alex Marshall played the two bowls of his life (which, for a 5-time World Indoor Champion is saying something) to score two with a front toucher and a back toucher. If Kelvin Kerkow's bare chest was the iconic image of the lawn bowls in Melbourne in 2006, Alex Marshall's 'salute' to the crowd following the game against England was the symbol of the 2014 Games.

In the end it was a mix of nations who shared the spoils at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games with South Africa and Scotland vying for top honours but there has been a common thread throughout with Gold Medal winners using Henselite bowls more than any other brand.

Seven out of the 8 Gold Medal winners in the Fours discipline use Henselite bowls with the Tiger largely being the bowl of choice for the heavy Glasgow greens. "The Henselite Tiger is just simply the best bowl I have ever used, what makes it for me is the slimmer shape, the grip and the Arc, the perfect bowl for Indoor and outdoor," said Alex Marshall, who took out the Gold Medal in the pairs and fours for Scotland.

Alex Marshall will be making an Australian appearance for new Australian Premier League side Murray Steamers when that kicks of in November.


Foster and Marshall star in Team Henselite Gold Rush!