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News Team Henselite Jo Edwards Team Henselite Debut
March 26, 2015

Blackjack superstar, Jo Edwards, who recently joined Team Henselite, has made a flying start with her new bowls in the annual Trans Tasman event against Australia from March 18-20, winning all but one of her singles games.

Two of the world's top bowling nations come together each year for this event which encompasses an open section and a development section. "The rivalry between NZ and Australia is alive and well," said Jo. "We, as a small nation like to take on the bigger countries in any sport. We play the Aussies often and are friendly with them but we still want to get one over them."

Although New Zealand were unable to win the overall Trans Tasman trophy this time round, Jo was upbeat about their performance. "The spirit in our Blackjack camp was a very good one. We have worked hard on our culture of 'one team' and it feels great to be part of a bigger picture."

The Kiwis had the hometown advantage, this year playing at Burnside BC in Christchurch. "I think people's expectations are higher of you when you are at home, however the greens are suited to us. Playing anywhere other than NZ or Australia is very foreign to both nations and requires a lot of change in a lot of ways to get up to speed with the different conditions."

Jo came up against Team Henselite young gun Chloe Stewart who was making her senior Australian debut at the age of 18 and was very complimentary of her opponent's performance. "I played against Chloe in both pairs and singles and I approached her the same way I'd approach any opposition. You have to respect your opposition but be confident in your own ability. She obviously has the goods and there was no way I was going to treat her lightly."

The 2014 Commonwealth Games Singles Gold Medallist has taken to the Dreamline XG which she chose for "its reliable line. I feel confident in its finish," she said. "They are a great all round bowl."

"The greens at Burnside were great. The first day was pretty rough conditions with wind, rain and a very cold temperature. The next two days improved and so did the bowls all round. My Dreamline XGs performed very well in all the conditions and I am really enjoying playing with them."



Jo Edwards Team Henselite Debut