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News Team Henselite Kenta Treacher - the New NSW Champion of Champions
November 13, 2014

North Sydney's Kenta Treacher has become the new NSW Champion of Club Champions, overwhelming Nathan Dawson from Kurri Kurri in the final at Nowra yesterday.

Kenta raced out of the blocks quickly and soon had an unanswered 19 shot lead over his opponent. In the Australian state with the most bowlers and a very high standard of play, this kind of lead in the final wasn't what Kenta had expected prior to the event.

"It's quite overwhelming," he said of his success. "Looking at the calibre of players in the tournament, I didn't expect to do very well."

"In the final I was focussing on each end and trying to get into a rhythm, I saw Nathan's semi-final when he came back from 11-1 down so I knew he could come back. Even when I was up by quite a bit, when it was 19-0, I wasn't thinking like it was 19-0, I was thinking it was 19-19 and trying to focus on my bowls, getting close and staying composed."

Kenta is no stranger to high quality bowls, though, he is a national representative for Japan and has competed in the World Cup, finishing in the top half of the field. But the NSW Champion of Champions title tops all of this. "This is my biggest achievement by far. Even when I played for Japan, I did well but I haven't come first. To win this is my biggest achievement and it's still sinking in."

Kenta now joins the long list of bowlers winning major titles in 2014 with the Dreamline XG, including NSW Katrina Wright who won the women's Champion of Champions singles and then went on to claim Australia's top Champion of Champions prize last month. 

"I started with Dreamline XG about 18 months ago," said Kenta "and now I really feel confident using them. I know where they are going and I can play all my shots, knowing they will perform the shot I was to play."

The win for NSW gives Kenta the opportunity to compete for the National Champion of Champions title however he'll have to wait a full 11 months for that with the National title not decided until October 2015.


Kenta Treacher - the New NSW Champion of Champions