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News Team Henselite Kristina Krstic Wins Silver Nugget
July 31, 2014

The 2014 Silver Nugget took place at Tweed Heads Bowls Club last week  when the best Under-25 bowlers from around the country gathered for the 3 day event and it was Kristina Krstic from WA who took out the trophy, winning the ladies final.

Kristina looked unstoppable throughout the tournament, never dropping a game. "We had the sectionals first," she said, "with two sections of 6 girls. The first in each section went straight in to the semis and then the second in each played off in a quarter final. The most difficult was against Renee (McPharlin), which it always is! The score for that one was 21-20 so it was a close game."

"After going through to the semi I played Renee again and it was a another close one. I went on to play Kelly Richards from NSW in the final which finished up 21-17.

"It was hard to believe that I'd won, to begin with. I was so stoked, it was definitely one of my career highlights.

"Everyone kept asking what bowls I was using! It was very windy and the greens were really quick so I was using Henselite Fusions. It was very difficult for bowlers using other bowls to find their line but the Fusions kept such a true line that I was really confident with them. That was one of the things that really gave me an edge over everyone else."

"Another thing was my positivity, because I can get quite negative with myself sometimes. In singles you don't have anyone to encourage you or help you with shot selection so it can be difficult to stay upbeat. But I've been working on this and matured in this area so I kept my head up all the way."

Winning the Silver Nugget scores Kristina a invitation to the prestigious Golden Nugget tournament where some of the World's best bowlers compete for the annual trophy. After a few weeks back home in WA she'll be boarding a plane to be back at Tweed Heads Bowls Club on August 11th. But it won't be all bowls for Kristina who is studying, she'll need to hit the books as well. "I've already missed a week of Uni for the Silver Nugget but luckily there is Wi-Fi where I'll be staying so I'll be spending my evenings catching up!"


Kristina Krstic Wins Silver Nugget