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News Team Henselite Lisa Phillips Wins the Victorian Open Medal 2015
November 27, 2015

Lisa Phillips Wins the Victorian Open Medal 2015

When we asked her what gets her motivated before a game… (she loves to listen to)
“Playing to win by John Farnham… Before a big game I would listen to this song and be 100% motivated.”

She entered ALL the events at the Vic Open; to get her groove back, have fun with some friends in the triples and pairs.
“More than anything I was looking forward to playing against some of the best bowlers in the state and seeing if I was still at that level that I could be competitive”

Since day one of the event, her form was top notch.
Wins in the mixed pairs and women's pairs finals, the tightest of runners-up placings in the women's singles, and a semi-final appearance in the women's triples.

Phillips uses henselite Dreamline XG bowls;
“Because they are the most consistent bowl I have ever used. Being able to have full faith with the bowl in your hand ensures that you can play to the best of your ability.”

She was the definitive winner of the 2015 Vic Medal, polling 35 points in the award which rewards the bowler who performs best across all disciplines.

Phillips won the mixed pairs with Nick McIntyre (Whittlesea), and the women's pairs with Melissa Larcombe (Broadbeach BC).

Phillips now plays and coaches at Coatesville BC in Melbourne as she returns to the top.

She says her ultimate achievement would be to win a world championship.
Lisa reckons her biggest accomplishment to date is winning 2 Australian open singles titles. “It's the biggest event in the Southern Hemisphere and to be able to say I won that is a huge honour.”

Her motto in life is to… Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow; “I not only live by that motto but I have it tattooed on my arm.”

Her next challenge is the Vic v Tas test series. “I'm looking forward to wearing the Vic uniform again and giving it a real crack for my state.”

Let’s hope like her favourite gee-up track – she ‘plays' to win! – Go Lisa!

View her player profile here >>>


Lisa Phillips Wins the Victorian Open Medal 2015