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News Team Henselite Mark Casey to use Henselite Bowls at the 2010 Commonwealth Games
August 2, 2010

Fresh from a semi-finals appearance at last month's Queensland Open, Mark Casey revealed this week that he will be using Henselite Bowls when he travels to Delhi in October to compete for Australia in the Commonwealth Games.

Mark Casey was a Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist in Melbourne 2006 in the Triples with Henselite bowls and has chosen them once again in his bid to defend his title and bring home Gold.

"I am looking forward to the opportunity to represent Australia at a Commonwealth Games again. It’s the highest point you can achieve in bowls so it will be great to go there and see if I can pick up another medal."

"Heading into the Delhi Commonwealth Games the circumstances will be totally different. The conditions will be hard and they will be conditions that we are not used to. Our preparations have been good though, and they have picked a great team, so we are hoping to do well."

"Henselite has a good range of bowls to suit all conditions and greens, indoor, outdoor, fast and slow" said Mark. "There is a good package of products, the Henselite clothing is appealing. And the bags and shoes are all good. That's another reason for choosing Henselite."

In the lead up to the Games and beyond, Mark will be taking advantage of the range of bowls that Henselite has to offer to ensure he always has the right bowl for the green he is playing on. "I will be using ABT-evo as my main bowl, it’s line is consistent for lots of different surfaces. And, as I live on the Gold Coast, the Alpha will be the perfect bowl for the quick greens up here."

Henselite is the only Australian bowls manufacturer and the bowls are made right here where the best bowls is played - an important factor for Mark in making his choice. "I like to support Australian companies," he said. 

Look out for Mark Casey in action at the 2010 Commonwealth Games from October 3 - 14.





Mark Casey to use Henselite Bowls at the 2010 Commonwealth Games