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News Team Henselite Nathan Bush Wins VIC State Singles Title
April 16, 2012

Nathan Bush became Victoria's newest State Singles Champion on Saturday when he beat Anthony Holland in the final at Bendigo East BC.

The 27 year old from Geelong West BC was over the moon with his victory.

"I was ecstatic," he said, following the win. "I have won State Under 19 Titles and State Under 25s but to win an open class State event was really, very rewarding."

"The final was a tight game. I was down 8-1 but managed to change the length and started bowling shorter ends to get back to even and then kick clear. I managed to hold on and win 25-18 in the end."

"I have always appreciated the support that Henselite has shown me since I was a young bowler and I was very pleased to win this title with Henselite bowls."


Nathan Bush Wins VIC State Singles Title