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News Team Henselite Silver in U25 World Cup for Malta's Aquilina
May 3, 2010

Malta's Brendan Aquilina has made a fantastic start to his preparation for the Commonwealth Games, claiming the Silver medal in the U25 World Cup at Warilla last week.

Born in Australia to Maltese parents, the 22-year-old played with consistency and composure throughout the tournament, losing only one game to the eventual champion.

"I was very happy with the way I played and very happy with my consistency" said Brendan, who plays his club bowls at Dapto Citizens in NSW. "I wasn't expecting to win and it was the World Cup so the competition was right up there. But I was happy to win most of my games."

Bowling with Dreamlines, Brendan had felt confident going in that he was able to handle the changeable weather conditions throughout the tournament "It was very breezy, some days it was raining, we went through 4 seasons in one day sometimes but the bowls went well," he said.

Brendan will be hoping to build on his latest success on the road to Delhi in October where he'll contest the pairs. "I've been training at the gym which has helped heaps so I will be doing more of that and rolling up a fair bit between now and then." he said.

Don't be fooled by his low-key attitude, Commonwealth Nations would do well to keep an eye on Malta's Brendan Aquilina. He may just surprise a few of the big players.




Silver in U25 World Cup for Malta's Aquilina