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News Team Henselite Team Henselite welcomes QLD's Brenda Thompson
June 28, 2010

Queensland's Brenda Thompson last week followed in the footsteps of many of her fellow state representatives such as Sean Baker, Carly Griffiths and Anthony Kiepe when she joined Team Henselite. 

Fresh from her State Fours Title win last month, Brenda's decision to switch to Henselite followed a lengthy trip round Australia. "I wanted to find a bowl that was good in every condition", Brenda said. "I picked up the ABT-evos and straight away I just loved them. They are very good in the wind and don't seem to be as affected as other bowls I have been using. With my first bowl I put down a toucher. I have tried them on three different surfaces and I think they're great."

Since she first picked up a bowl 15 years ago, Brenda caught the bowling bug and once she started, didn't want to stop. "I think it's addictive," she said. "I just love the game. When I began bowling, my husband John and I were looking for something we could do together. He did shooting and I hated it! He found somewhere where you could learn to play lawn bowls. The lady coaching us took us for an hour and a half and the next day I couldn't walk! But I was just getting the hang of it and wanted to go back for more".  

It was the beginning of what would become an exciting bowling career for the Helensvale ace who has a number of titles to her name as well as, much to her annoyance, a number of runner-ups. "I was runner-up in the State Singles and runner-up at this years Black Douglas, I am sick of it!" said Brenda. "I would love to win the state singles and the Australian Open singles, those are my goals."

We welcome Brenda to Team Henselite and wish her well as she pursues her goals.



Team Henselite welcomes QLD's Brenda Thompson