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News Team Henselite Top Day for Team Henselite Men at Trans Tasman
May 12, 2010

With hostilities underway in the much anticipated Trans Tasman event in Bundaberg QLD, it's been a cracking start to the tournament for members of Team Henselite in the men's competition.

In the morning session New Zealand's Ali Forsyth, bowling with ABT-evos, won the men's singles with a 10-3, 5-8, 4-0 victory. He then backed up in the afternoon with an emphatic 8-12, 5-11 win in the second test.

In the men's triples, NSW's Terry Antram made his Australian debut in the men's triples playing alongside fellow member of Team Henselite, Mark Jacobsen. Jacobsen skipped the triples combination to an easy 10-3, 12-8 win over the their NZ counterparts. In the afternoon's test, however, they weren't able to close out the game, going down 3-14, 13-4, 2-4 in a see-sawing encounter.

The Trans Tasman series will conclude tomorrow with three further tests.

Photo: Nelson Bay's Terry Antram is making his debut for Australia in the Trans Tasman this week.


Top Day for Team Henselite Men at Trans Tasman