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News Team Henselite Young Guns show the way at Vic Open
November 27, 2012

It was a case of Australia's young bowlers showing the way at the Vic Open earlier this month with many of the major titles won by bowlers under the age of 25.

Team Henselite's Lisa Phillips (VIC) was among the medalists, taking out the final of the Women's Pairs with SA's Breeanna Dickson. The current State Singles title holder was very satisfied with her performance throughout the week which also saw an appearance in the final of the Singles.

"Winning a team event has always been a goal of mine, it's good and well to win singles events but having someone to share the victory with is amazing!"

"Both me and Breeanna were using Dreamline XG's. We played on a vast variety of surfaces and conditions throughout the tournament and found they faired very well in every condition we put them through."

"The week was huge, you end up playing a ridiculous amount of bowls. The key to keep powering through is to concentrate for those few hours and then allow your body and mind to get away between games so you come back fresh for the next game."

Also among the young Team Henselite winners were Aaron Wilson in the Men's Pairs and the victorious Women's Triples combination of Victoria's Chloe Stewart teaming up with WA State Pairs title holders Rechelle Cole and Kristina Kristic.

Pictured: Medal winners Breeanna Dickson and Lisa Phillips


Young Guns show the way at Vic Open