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Cruze is a bowl perfectly suited to fast greens.

With a similar comfort in the hand to the world class Henselite Dreamline XG, and the same winning performance, the new Cruze has been engineered for accuracy and precision on greens running at over 15 seconds.

Cruze has been developed by combining the expertise of coaches, world champions, designers and engineers. We believe the result is the ultimate for fast, free-running grass greens and free running synthetics.

Click the Bowls Bias Trajectory chart for a larger view.

The innovative faceted grip provides a non-slip, comfortable hold for a natural delivery.

Bowlers who love their Dreamline XGs will find that adding a set of Cruze to their kit will take their game to the next level when playing on a quick surface, requiring a narrower line and holding finish,

Cruze has a distinctive contemporary look with large engravings and is available in a range of popular colours.

Click the graphic below for a full colour image of the bowl.


The bias chart represents the comparative difference between each model of bowl and is a guide only.
This chart is compiled as an average of testing in slow green and testing table conditions.