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Team Henselite Anthony Kiepe Anthony Kiepe
"Henselite caters for the requirements of all bowlers, irrespective of the level they play at."
Birth Date: 14 October 1977
Country of Birth: Australia
Bowl Used: Dreamline XG


When did you start playing bowls? 1990. My parents played at Cambooya BC in Queensland and I really enjoyed the family environment playing together.
First Bowls Henselite Classic II's
Career Goals My goal is to win gold for Australia
Career Highlights Representing Australia
  • 2013 Queensland State side
  • 2013 R/U Australian Super Singles
  • 2012 Queensland State side
  • 2011 State Fours Champion
  • 2010 Queensland Open Singles Runner-up
  • 2010 World Cup, Silver Medallist
  • Australian Indoor Singles Winner 2009
  • Numerous State Titles
  • QLD Premier League Winner
  • Australian Representative
What would you do if you weren't bowling? I'd definitely be a cricketer.
Anthony Kiepe