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Team Henselite Cassandra Harvey Cassandra Harvey
"I choose Henselite simply because they are the best!"
State: South Australia
Country of Birth: Australia
Club: Adelaide Bowling Club, SA
Bowl Used: Dreamline XG, Size 3H, Gripped
Why do you use this bowl? Because it is a great all-round bowl. Regardless of the surface or playing conditions, it is an extremely reliable bowl.
How and when did you start bowling? I started when I was 12 years old. My dad is a bowler, and I was bored of sitting at the bowling club so I played a ‘mock game’ against another member, and won, so my competitive spirit encouraged me to join up.
Career Goals To one day play for the mighty Jackaroos!
Career Highlights Winning the 2016/17 State Women’s Singles, and then backing it up with the State Women’s Champion of Champion Singles the following day. It was a surreal feeling that I will never forget.
Achievements 2017/18
  • State Mixed Pairs Champion (alongside Matthew Northcott)
  • South Australian Representative at National Champ of Champs
  • State Event Player of the Year (Women)
  • State Women’s Singles Champion
  • State Women’s Singles Champion of Champion (Winner)
  •  State Women’s Triples Champion- State Women’s Fours Champion
  • State Mixed Pairs Runner-Up
  • Representative of the South Australian Women’s State Team
  • Premier League Player of the Year (Adelaide Bowling Club)
  • Club Women’s Singles Champion (Adelaide Bowling Club)
  • Club Women’s Pairs Champion (Adelaide Bowling Club)
  • Premier League Pennant with Adelaide Bowling Club
  • Representative of the South Australian Women’s State Team
  • State Women’s Triples Champion
  • State Women’s Fours Champion
Which other bowlers do you enjoy playing with or against? I love playing Saturday Premier League Pennants against
the best bowlers in the state. Majority of these bowlers are men, and
most also represent South Australia in the State Team. It is great
experience playing with and against quality bowlers.
Who do you most admire? Carla Krizanic – She is such a downto-earth person with an incredible bowling ability. She never ceases to amaze me with the modesty in which she plays the game.
What would you do if you weren't bowling? Embracing my extremely busy life; I have just finished my Teaching degree at University, my partner and I (Matthew Northcott) are building a house, and we recently got engaged, so lots of wedding planning ahead.
Cassandra Harvey