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Team Henselite David Holt David Holt
"Throughout my long bowling career Henselite has always meant prestige , precision and the utmost quality in lawn bowls manufacture. All my major victories have come when using a Henselite made product. "
State: NSW
Birth Date: 9 September 1966
Country of Birth: Manchester, England
Club: St Johns Park NSW
Bowl Used: Dreamline XG & Fusion


Why do you use this bowl? In my opinion the Dreamline XG is currently the best bowl on the market for all round use right across Australia and often seems to handle the difficult windy conditions a lot better than my opponents bowls. The Fusion with a slightly narrower line is fantastic on quick running greens and many synthetics also.
How and when did you start bowling? My father was a crown green bowler and I won my first competition aged 12 years old. I first played flat green at a local indoor centre aged 18.
Career Goals I have always been tremendously competitive and ambitious in everything I do and would love to get a call up to play for my newly adopted country as a proud Australian.
Career Highlights 2002 was definitely the dream year of my career winning a World Title with my best mate Tony Allcock on the Indoor then adding the Commonwealth Games Gold medal in my home town of Manchester in front of friends and family will always be very special to me.
  • 2014 Australian Indoor Singles Champion
  • 2013 Australian Singles Champion of Champions
  • 2013 Victorian Masters Singles Semi Finalist
  • 2012 Cambratta Club Singles Champion
  • 2012 Victorian Masters Singles Runner-Up
  • 2011 State Pairs Champion
  • 2003 NSW State Singles Champion
  • 2002 Commonweath Games Fours Gold Medal
  • 2002 World Indoor Pairs Gold Medal
  • 1988-2002 English Indoor & Outdoor International Player – 14 years
  • 1987-2000 Winner 9 English Indoor & Outdoor National Titles.
Who do you most admire? The most versatile and gifted player I have ever played with is Indoor & Outdoor World Champion Tony Allcock from England. In Australia Steve Glasson is the ultimate gentleman and I wish I had Ryan Bester's drive!
  I have had a ball playing with the guys at Cabramatta Bowling Club and I reckon it would be the most professional outfit in Australia at the moment.
What would you do if you weren't bowling? I’m not sure what I would do if I wasn’t bowling. It has been such a big part of my life for over 25 years. That said I really enjoy the odd game of golf even though I am really terrible at it.
David Holt