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Team Henselite Lisa Phillips Lisa Phillips
"Henselite have not only the best bowls but the best equipment, everywhere I go I know Iím fully equipped to perform at my best."
State: Victoria
Birth Date: 29 May 1993
Country of Birth: Australia
Club: Coatesville Bowls club
Bowl Used: Dreamline XG


Why do you use this bowl? Because it is consistent on all surfaces and allows you play all positions and all shots.
It really is the all round bowl. 
How and when did you start bowling? I started bowling over 12 years ago. I essentially followed in my parents footsteps. One day instead of watching I joined in and as they say, the rest is history.
  • 2010 Qld Open Singles
  • 2011 Aus Open Singles
  • 2012 Vic Open Pairs
  • 2013 Aus Open Singles
  • 2013 Aus Ppen Triples
  • 2015 Vic Open mixed Pairs
  • 2015 Vic Open Ladies Pairs
  • 2015 Victorian Open Medal 
Career Goals To win a third Australian open singles.
Career Highlights Winning the Queensland Open, being selected to play in the Australian side for the Trans Tasman and winning the 2010 Junior Golden Nugget.
Who do you most admire? Anyone who has achieved great things through diversity.
Which other bowlers do you enjoy playing with or against? I most enjoy playing against players whom challenge me. That is where I learn the most in victory or defeat.
What would you do if you weren't bowling? Bowling or not I still intend on having a long successfully career as an aged care worker.
Lisa Phillips