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Team Henselite Wayne Ruediger Wayne Ruediger
""The Dreamline XG is a great all round bowl.""
State: South Australia
Birth Date: 15 August 1976
Country of Birth: Australia
Club: Grange
Bowl Used: Dreamline XG


Why do you use this bowl? The Dreamline XG is a great all round bowl.
When did you first start playing bowls? 13 years ago, my Grandfather was a top flight player from S.A
Career Goals Enjoy life and family and striving to reach as far as I can in Lawn Bowls.
What is your key to winning? Loads and loads of practice and having a self belief in what I can then achieve.
What advice would you give bowlers ambitious to succeed? Surround yourself with good advice and listen to the information but more than anything, plenty of meaningful practice whether that be on your own or with others.
Career Highlights Representing Australia in the Under 25's in New Zealand and Australia
  • 2016 Australian Open Fours Champion
  • 2015 Australian Open Fours Champion
  • 2012 World Champion - Fours
  • 2012 Australian Team Member - Selected for World Bowls
  • 2012 Gold Medallist, Men's Triples, SA International Series
  • Current State Skipper for SA
  • Champion of Champion Pairs twice 2000, 2005
  • Champion of Champions Singles 2003
  • Golden Nugget 3rd 2008 and 4th 2006 
  • Adelaide Masters Champion
  • 7 Club Singles Titles
  • 230 State games
  • State Representative
  • Winner of numerous prestigious events at Club and State levels.
  • Represented Australia in 30 Under 25's games.
What would you do if you weren't bowling? I'd love to be a jockey.
Wayne Ruediger